Demonstrators could be looting department stores for one hundred years and still they wouldn’t have taken back even half of what has been stolen from them at work, at school, in a meaningless life.
Leaflet entitled Sometimes written in insurrected Athens, 2008

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Beneath the paving stones – the beach!
Slogan of the May 1968 revolt

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If you’re angry about people dressed in black burning cars, you should probably know about the people in suits burning countries.

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If Gavroche of Les Miserables was at Syntagma last night, he wouldn’t be in the closed blocs of party youth; he would be burning banks and cinemas with his friends.
Alekos Alavanos (on the mass protests of 12 Februrary 2012)

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A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of the hooded rioter.

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When riot is no option, we turn to the shadows of the night to keep its momentum ALIVE.
Fire To The Prisons, Anarchis quarterly

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Let us devastate the avenues where the wealthy live.
Lucy Parsons

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But do not be afraid. The Mind Grinding and Oppression Machine (…), choking and wheezing with its own enormity, gets jammed and broken more and more often. Somewhere in a System bowels a new Snake Plissken is born. The fight goes on.

Obuh Records, description of Job Karma – Punkt album

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You wonder why we feel like fuck the law
You wonder why we write up on the wall
You wonder why we burn the cities down
Cuz we don’t give a fuck, the time is now

Dead Prez – Fuck the Law

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In the face of this extreme social violence that is day-to-day reality, there can be no tears shed for the cars and windows broken by those who have had enough with the forces profiting from their exploitation.

G20 capitalism is attacked in the streets of Toronto, No One Is Illegal-MONTRÉAL

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Fuck the rich. Defend the poor. Burn the citadels, rebuild communities.

Bankers? Guess what, Wankers!, Article at Infoshop.org

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