Slavery is not one type of domination and exploitation among others, not merely an aspect of one bygone phase of history. Slavery is the primary and primordial relation of exploitation, that form out of which serfdom and wage labor arise, and that form toward which the master always strives: only force can compel the master to forgo the use of slaves. Whence the many “ends” of slavery, and its many rebirths.
Pierre Dockes, Medieval Slavery and Liberation

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It is only under the shelter of the civil magistrate that the owner of that valuable property, which is acquired by the labour of many years, or perhaps of many successive generations, can sleep a single night in security.
Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments

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The workers should learn that their power is not in the force of their vote, but in their ability to stop production.
Voltairine de Cleyre

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As long as any society is based on wage-labour, a revolt of the wage-labourers is the fate to which it is bound; like Damocles sword.
Cajo Brendel

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The civilised labourer who bakes a loaf that he may eat a slice of bread, who builds a palace that he may sleep in a stable, who weaves rich fabrics that he may dress in rags, who produces every thing that he may dispense with every thing, — is not free. His employer, not becoming his associate in the exchange of salaries or services which takes place between them, is his enemy.
Pierre Joseph Proudhon

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From the very beginning the proletariat is nothing more than an immediate political interest in the abolition of every aspect of the existing order.
Mario Tronti – the Strategy of Refusal

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The system works because you work.
Istari Lasterfahrer’s album’s title

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The idea that the poor should have leisure has always been shocking to the rich.
Bertrand Russell

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It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.
Upton Sinclair

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Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you’re so clever and class less and free
But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be
John Lennon, Working Class Hero


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They pit the lifers against the new boys; the young against the old; the black against the white. Everything they do is to keep us in our place.

Blue Collar (the movie)

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