With the destabilising of the market economy we begin to recognise the monuments of the bourgeoisie as ruins even before they have crumbled.
Walter Benjamin

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No government fights fascism to destroy it. When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands, it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges.
Buenaventura Durruti

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It is only when the routine daily struggle of the class explodes into violent activity against the bourgeoisie (…), activities which require an overt exercise of their creative energies, that the workers feel themselves as human.
Ria Stone

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Such power as the bourgeoisie still possesses in this period resides in the proletariat’s lack of autonomy and independence of spirit.
Anton Pannekoek

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To achieve communism before anarchy, that is before having conquered complete political and economic liberty, would mean stabilising the most hateful tyranny, to the point where people long for the bourgeois regime, and to return later to a capitalist system.

Errico Malatesta

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The bourgeoisie live on like specters threatening doom.

Theodor W. Adorno

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Don’t burn the witch. Burn the rich!

Oi Polloi (music band)

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War to the châteaux, peace to the cottages.

Sébastien-Roch Nicolas Chamfort

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Freedom of the press, freedom of association, the inviolability of domicile, and all the rest of the rights of man are respected so long as no one tries to use them against the privileged class. On the day they are launched against the privileged they are overthrown.

Peter Kropotkin

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