Don’t scab for the bosses
Don’t listen to their lies
Poor folks ain’t got a chance
Unless they organize

Which side are you on boys?
Which side are you on?

Natalie Merchant, Which Side Are You On?

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Murder is a crime
Unless it was done
By a policeman…
The Clash, Know Your Rights

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The car is on fire, and there’s no driver at the wheel
And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
And a dark wind blows

The government is corrupt
And we’re on so many drugs
With the radio on and the curtains drawn

We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
And the machine is bleeding to death

The sun has fallen down
And the billboards are all leering
And the flags are all dead at the top of their poles

It went like this:

The buildings tumbled in on themselves
Mothers clutching babies
Picked through the rubble
And pulled out their hair

The skyline was beautiful on fire
All twisted metal stretching upwards
Everything washed in a thin orange haze

I said, “Kiss me, you’re beautiful –
These are truly the last days”

You grabbed my hand
And we fell into it
Like a daydream
Or a fever

We woke up one morning and fell a little further down
For sure it’s the valley of death

I open up my wallet
And it’s full of blood

Godspeed You! Black Emperor , The Dead Flag Blues

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But i`d rather be a free man
in my grave, than living as a
puppet or a slave!
Jimmy Cliff, The Harder They Come

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No justice here, no liberty
No reason, no blame
There’s no cause to taint the sweetest taste of blood
And greetings from the nation
As we shake the hands of time
They’re taking their ovations
The vultures stay behind
In the colosseum, in the colosseum
In the colosseum tonight
Tom Waits, In the Colosseum

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We try to shape up, my sister, it’s war
We must build a better future, it’s war
We fight for our parents, understand, it’s war
We don’t want our children to sweat blood, so it’s war
We didn’t wish it but it’s war
Mafia K’1 Fry, Guerre

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Tears on the mausoleum floor,
blood stains the Colosseum doors
Lies on the lips of a priest,
Thanksgiving disguised as a feast
Kayne West ft.. Frank Ocean & Jay-Z, No Church in the Wild

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The system works because you work.
Istari Lasterfahrer’s album’s title

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The money feels good
And your life you like it well
But surely your time will come
As in heaven, as in hell
The Clash, Guns of Brixton

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I’ve seen the future, brother:
it is murder.
Leonard Cohen, The Future

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There is a war going on for your mind
If you are thinking you are winning
Flobots, We Are Winning

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